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Stacey Rayburn of StoryBook Wedding and Events is an absolute gem in the event planning industry. Recently, I had the privilege of working with her for a corporate wine-tasting event in Temecula, and to say she exceeded expectations would be an understatement. As this was my company’s inaugural wine-tasting event aimed at attracting new customers, the stakes were high. Enter Stacey, who not only assisted in the planning and execution but also played a crucial role in budgeting and proposal drafting, making the approval process seamless. Stacey’s expertise in numbers and her vast network of contacts ensured the event was not only successful but also cost-effective. She went the extra mile, coordinating transportation and making valuable suggestions that perfectly aligned with our event’s objectives. One of the highlights was the custom customer bags Stacey personally curated, filled with delightful mementos that made the event unforgettable. Her impeccable choice of wineries resonated with the experience we envisioned for our prospects. However, what truly stood out was her ability to handle unexpected challenges. When one of the wineries we visited had a change of heart due to being busier than anticipated, Stacey swiftly stepped in, negotiated a win-win compromise, and even secured complimentary food for us. Her professionalism, coupled with her unwavering commitment to her clients, is commendable. Having witnessed Stacey’s dedication and prowess firsthand, I can only imagine the magic she weaves for weddings. StoryBook Wedding & Events is, without a doubt, my top recommendation for both personal and corporate events.

Johnny L

Stacey is the best wedding planner I could’ve asked for, she went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of before, during, and after the wedding! I had no idea where to begin and I’m so thankful I was able to work with her as she helped me plan and coordinate my wedding! Stacey’s services are top notch and she left no stone unturned in helping us plan the perfect day. Her insight to having one of the most memorable days of your life is impeccable and I couldn’t recommend her enough! She truly helped us plan something my guests still can’t stop mentioning!

Genesis S

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Stacey from Storybook Weddings as our day-of coordinator for our non-traditional 150-guest wedding, and we couldn’t be happier with the exceptional service she provided. From the moment she joined our team in the final weeks leading up to the event, Stacey proved to be an absolute god-send in ensuring that our special day went off without a hitch (except the obviously planned one 😉 ). One of the most impressive aspects of Stacey’s work was her ability to quickly grasp our vision and bring it to life. Despite the short timeframe, she took the time to understand our unique preferences and pointed out crucial details that we had overlooked. Her keen eye for perfectionism and her attention to even the tiniest of details gave us immense confidence that our wedding was in capable hands. On the day of the wedding, we encountered a few unexpected challenges with some of our other vendors not delivering as expected. However, Stacey’s expertise and resourcefulness shone through as she swiftly identified alternative solutions and seamlessly executed backup plans. Thanks to her quick thinking and behind-the-scenes problem-solving, none of our guests were even aware of the minor hiccups that occurred. Stacey truly saved the day! Another aspect of Stacey’s service that we greatly appreciated was her wedding management software. She helped us organize our thoughts and consolidate all the necessary information into a user-friendly platform. The software provided us with comprehensive timelines for all our vendors, easily adjustable seating charts for discussions with our family, and helpful checklists to ensure that no detail was overlooked. Stacey’s use of technology truly streamlined the planning process and kept us on track, leaving no room for last-minute surprises. Stacey’s expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for our special day were evident in every interaction we had with her. Her passion for her work shines through, and her commitment to making our non-traditional wedding a success was unwavering. Stacey’s exceptional coordination skills, coupled with her warm and friendly demeanor, made her an absolute joy to work with.

Trevor H

We attended a wedding that this vendor coordinated and it was one of the most beautiful and organized wedding and reception we had been to. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for help for their perfect day! Cheers to Stacy and crew

Robin J

I wasn’t planning on getting a wedding coordinator, but I am so glad I did! We chose Stacey to do our flowers, and she let us know she also did coordination services. We were so lost with how to plan a wedding, and she really helped us figure out what we needed to do and how to organize everything. When our venue’s day-of coordinator failed to offer any support, we were so happy that we had Stacey to make sure the wedding went perfectly. She did a fabulous job keeping everything on track! Stacey helped us find vendors, gave us ideas for things we wouldn’t have thought of (like lighting and tablescape), talked to and organized all of our vendors, did our table design, created and set up our floral arrangements, coordinated our rehearsal, gave us access to planning software, kept the wedding party in order the day of, repurposed all of our florals to the reception, and made sure the whole day went off without a hitch.

Allison S

Stacey was fantastic and one of our best decisions when planning our wedding! She was informative and helpful with all the little details before the wedding, sending us in the right direction to picking our perfect vendors (and when I say perfect, I couldn’t imagine better vendors ever, and we have been in a lot of weddings!) and reminding us of things that we never would have thought of. The day of she did a beautiful job making sure our venue was perfect and everything ran flawlessly! She is fun and energetic but not afraid to keep the wedding party in check, especially the guys when they don’t always pay attention lol. You will not go wrong with picking Stacey and Storybook Weddings!

Laura T

Stacey was amazing! I cannot imagine being able to do this without her! She was worth her weight in gold the day of the weeding and the months leading up. She is professional and helpful, guiding us thru every step. You will not be disappointed and this is well worth the money. Let Stacey handle your wedding plans and you enjoy the day – you will be glad you did!

Alesha F

Stacey made my wedding better then I could have ever imagined. Stacey is down to earth, professional, available and helpful beyond belief. My experience working with Storybook Weddings made my wedding day and planning easy and efficient. I am a designer in my professional life so had a specific idea and look in mind. I would highly recommend Stacey to any bride who has a vision for their wedding because she will make sure to execute it to exactly how you want. I now consider Stacey a friend and feel lucky that I found her to support me in planning my wedding and designing all the floral arrangements.

Chloe B

Stacey Rayburn of Storybook Weddings & Event is a top notch wedding professional, an amazing florist, and an overall fantastic wedding planner. She put our wedding together for us in 72 days, and it was during the holidays! Our wedding was elegant and she was so easy to work with. Stacey started working on our wedding from the first day we met her and shared our vision with her. She narrowed our options down for us based on our preferences and communicated with our vendors and managed our contracts so we could stress less. Stacey captured our ideas and theme and perfectly produced the most memorable day for us in a way I couldn’t imagine until I saw it all come together and I was totally blown away. Her attention to detail was amazing. I would recommend Storybook Weddings and Events n a heartbeat. Thank you Stacey Rayburn!

Christine C

Stacey from Storybook Weddings not only made my vision come to life, but she was absolutely pleasant to work with. I met Stacey while visiting a venue that we didn’t end up booking and then again at an event. I started communicating with her and she was very sweet, responsive and listened to my wishes and budget. She was very realistic about what I could and couldn’t do. I sent her a ton of pictures of what I liked for the bouquets, centerpieces, arrangements, boutonnieres, etc. She completely understood my vision and well exceeded my expectations. On the day of the wedding she even brought some back up stems to make sure I had exactly what I wanted! I recommend Stacey to anyone getting married in or around Temecula.

Nicole T